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History Of Allianz Insurance | INSURANCE

History Of Allianz Insurance

1. Allianz Group

Allianz is one of the largest companies in many places in the world, engaged in insurance and asset management services. Allianz was founded in 1890 in Germany and is a company that is very experienced and has a strong financial position. Currently Allianz operates in more than 70 countries around the world and serves more than 76 million customers worldwide. Allianz provides protection and service to customers, where half of these customers are included in the Fortune 500 company category.

In 2010, the Allianz Group managed to record total revenue of more than 106.5 billion euros. Allianz is the largest asset management company with third party assets under management of 1.164 billion euros at the end of 2010. In September 2006, a merger agreement was signed between Allianz AG and RAS Holding S.p.A, and then Allianz AG changed its name to Allianz SE (Societas Europaen) a European company. Following registration procedures in Italy and Germany, on 16 October 2006 Allianz SE officially became the first company to be listed on the DJ EURO STOXX 50 Index.

2. Allianz in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is one of the three fast growing regions at Allianz. With a rich culture, diverse languages and customs are the characteristics of this region. Allianz was present in Asia Pacific in 1917, on the coast of China by providing fire insurance and freight insurance.

In Asia Pacific, Allianz is present in 15 markets with its main business focus on general, life and health insurance, and asset management. With more than 14,500 staff, Allianz serves the needs of more than 21.5 million customers in the region. Allianz's ability to adapt quickly to local needs is the key to success.

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