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The Role Of Money And Wealth In Life | FINANCE

Money and possessions are a tantalizing topic. Money is more interesting to discuss than other topics, even more interesting than discussing beautiful women.

Conscience awakens when the advantages are discussed. The mind can be creative when money is the topic of discussion.

Almost everything requires money - buying basic needs, secondary needs, to luxurious needs. To buy rice, meat, fish, milk, clothes - you use money.

Paying for children's education, paying for medical expenses, paying utility bills, telephone, water, paying mortgage payments, car payments, buying sofas, beds, cupboards, tables, chairs, you use money.

With money, you can watch movies, eat at restaurants, watch classical music performances and vacation abroad.

With money too, you collect wealth: buy gold, buy land, buy property and invest, start new businesses, help orphans, the sick and the needy.

Even to balance physical life with spiritual life, you use money. With money you buy Bibles, buy spiritual books, make donations to orphans and religious institutions.

With money, you can collect treasures in heaven, which will determine your level of glory in the afterlife.

The Relationship of Money and Ego

Money not only fulfills primary, secondary, tertiary, social and spiritual needs, but money can also lift the ego.

By having money, self-esteem can be raised, self-confidence increases, dare to express opinions, speak in public, and dare to take on social tasks.

Conversely, if you don't have money, people can feel inferior, their self-confidence can decrease, they can be silent in a thousand languages in meetings and don't dare to speak. There may be a fear of engaging in social activities.

Ironically, because of money people also behave 'strange'; universal ethics abandoned. Anyone wants to be told to do anything- doesn't matter if it's right or wrong.

Some want to be sycophants, pretend to be polite, don't dare to criticize, 'sell themselves', have sex with anyone, commit crimes and even kill other people.

Husband and wife can divorce because of money. And what's worse, there are those who give up their faith in God because of money.

The Power Behind Money

Is there power behind money? Why is money equated with God? Can money be made into toys? Can money be made into slaves? Can money make you happy?

Can money be deceiving? Will so much money and wealth make the heart comfortable and peaceful? Can money be carried over into the next life?

If you can, how? If you can't, why accumulate money in this world?

If there is no money, how? Is it possible that the heart can still be straight when experiencing difficulties? Can the mind remain calm even if the money in hand is just mediocre?

Can you still have self-confidence even if you don't have money for activities? Can you not complain when money is not there?

Can you still help people with little money? Is it still possible to smile when the bag is thin? Does the philosophy 'as long as there is food and clothes - it's enough'?

In substance, money is made of matter. Money is made of paper; some are made of coins. Automatically, money is not a part of self. Money is also not part of the mind. One should not be bothered by the presence or absence of money.

Self-existence does not depend on money. However, many people are distracted by the absence or lack of money.

The body needs food and drink. Food and drink must be purchased. And automatically money is needed.

However, is self-existence solely because of money? Can a simple life be shown like Mahatma Gandhi?

Can you survive the philosophy of as long as there is enough food and clothes? Do you have to be distracted by a lack of money? The answer is probably easy at the theoretical level.

It's not easy to keep yourself calm by living in deprivation. The Stoics find it normal that there are temptations or suffering that come from outside.

Lack of food or other needs can bother the body but not necessarily the mind.

There are those who can avoid suffering and choose to live ascetic, not enjoying what is in this world; untroubled by poverty who could live on rice alone like Yan Hui, Confucius's brightest student.

There are still very important questions that need to be answered. Under any circumstances, how can the existence of wealth add to the coffers in the afterlife without having to be deep rich

Even if they live mediocre, they can still be rich both in this world and especially in the afterlife. One does not have to have a lot of wealth to be called rich.

A person can be rich even in a state of deprivation by doing many good deeds for others, the rewards of which will be evident in the afterlife.

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