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What Are The Dangers Of Using Too Much Skincare On Facial Skin? | HEALTH

What Are The Dangers Of Using Too Much Skincare On Facial Skin?

Currently, there are various kinds of skin care products that are useful for maintaining healthy skin, ranging from facial cleansers, toners, serums, sunscreens, to facial moisturizers. In choosing skincare products, of course, must be adjusted to the needs of the skin.

Even though you are diligent in using skin care for the sake of caring for facial skin, its use also needs attention. Not only the ingredients in it, but excessive use of skincare is also not recommended because it can pose a risk to the skin.

What are the dangers of using too much skincare on facial skin?
However, using too many skincare products is also not good for skin health. You will not benefit from the skincare and can actually cause new skin problems. The following are some side effects due to excessive use of skincare, including:

Skin irritation
Skin irritation can be caused by using too much skincare to exfoliate the skin. The process of exfoliating or removing dead skin cells from the face is important, but not for routine use. If you use exfoliating products excessively, facial skin can look greasy even though it actually feels dry.

Apart from that, you can also experience skin irritation which is characterized by dry, sore and red skin. If skin irritation occurs, you should stop using skincare for a while and see a dermatologist to get more optimal treatment. To prevent this, you should exfoliate your face no more than 2 times a week.

Skin allergies
Using too much skincare can also cause skin allergies. Skin allergies can be marked by the appearance of a red rash and itching on the facial skin. Rashes can appear due to the chemical ingredients in skincare that are not suitable for the skin. This will get worse if you use too many skincare sets or frequently change skin care products.

Loss of skin's natural oils
Loss of natural oil on the face is also one of the results of using too much skincare. If skincare doesn't absorb completely on the face, it will cause facial skin to become more oily. This will cause facial skin to stop producing its natural oils. If you continue to use these products, the production of natural oil on your face will completely stop because your face is already oily, so you should stop using these skincare products.

The skin feels like it's being pulled
Another effect of using excessive skincare can also cause the skin to become tight and feel like it's being pulled. The more you use this skincare, the more your facial skin will lose its hydration. If your skin is very dry to the point of tightening, this can actually make the skin wrinkled more easily. Therefore, you should really consider it before deciding to use certain skincare. You don't want a moist face to have a dry effect and the appearance of fine lines due to using this skincare.

Other skin problems arise
The purpose of using skincare is to fix certain skin problems. However, if you use too much skincare it will actually cause other skin problems, such as fine lines appearing on the skin, blackheads and pimples appearing, and enlarged pores.

Basically anything can be used, but anything in excess will cause problems. Just like skincare. Therefore, you should choose skincare that suits your skin's needs and think carefully before buying certain skincare. If there is a problem with your face, choose skincare that has the benefit of being able to solve the problem on your face.

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